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The After Action Review Podcast

May 15, 2018

This is episode is a snapshot of a three day event, a Veteran Hackathon put on by Patriot Boot Camp here in Washington D.C. This event was incredible, the amount of time and dedication by these Vets, Vet Spouses, and Civilians was intense.

For more information Patriot Boot Camp and the next Technology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in Denver Co visit You can also learn more about the next Hackathon in Seattle, WA October 19-21 at



Sam Altman -
Bernhard “Ber” Kirchner -
Jameel Matin - or learn more about Operation Code at
Michael Irtmer -
Kerri Leigh Grady -
Kimberly McCaffrey -
Justin Johnson -
Yool-Bin  U. -