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The After Action Review Podcast

May 24, 2018

This was recorded in January 2018, so you understand some references to the political atmosphere at the time.

A native of La Paz City, Bolivia, Fernando and his family migrated to
Washington D.C. at an early age for the opportunity of achieving the
American Dream. Learning from his father the qualities of a self-driven entrepreneur, Fernando founded the highly successful technology firm Nanotech. 

Fernando Torrez is an Air Force Veteran, entrepreneur, and local political leader. He is a board member of the Alexandria Sheriff's Office's Correctional Services Advisory Board, the Government Relations Committee for the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the first Latino Commissioner to serve in the Alexandria Commission on Employment, Department of Community and Human Services & Center for Economic Support. Fernando is a proud family man, resides in Alexandria with his lovely wife Kamila, his two kids Alexandra and Fernando Jr. and their golden retriever Conan.

For more information on Nanotech or to reach out: